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Following our first conference in Sydney, Australia in 2017, The OpenLearning Conference has become an annual gathering for academics and experts through a series of insightful keynotes, paper presentations, lively discussions, interactive workshops and extensive networking opportunities.

Last year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we were glad to see many key stakeholders, with more than 170 international participants, addressing the role of education technology in scaling quality education while ensuring that education is seen as a lifelong endeavour. We hope to continue building upon these collaborations in the future.

2018 Highlights

OpenLearning Conference 2018 – Scaling Quality Education

About OpenLearning


OpenLearning.com is an education technology company which empowers educators and education providers to deliver meaningful learning experiences and prepare learners for future workforce challenges. We provide an online lifelong learning platform for educators to transform their expertise into world-class courses and marketing support to attract students from around the world.

We are advocates of social learning, which inspires our three core philosophies: community and connectedness, authentic active learning experiences, and student empowerment. The platform is designed with a familiar social media feel to engage learners in intrinsically motivated deep learning.


OpenLearning partners with higher education institutions and connects with passionate educators. This provides us with a wealth of insight and informs our approach to building effective learning environments. We began as a coming-together of academics and educators in both computer engineering and education – this cross-disciplinary expertise is our greatest strength.


Our goal is to provide equal access to quality education across the globe and to use technology as a means of moving beyond traditional instructivist approaches towards constructivist learning environments. Our learning philosophy is built into the platform, while the content and design can be tailored to the needs of respective learners.

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